Acetate (2010)


The album was recorded solely at Allen's home studio with producer Don Dixon.  The two dug deeper into sonic territory, recording most of the instruments themselves.  It features once again drummer Jim Brock and vocalist Marti Jones. Released by Bug Music Digital, it is Allen's first release on vinyl.

"Chris Allen is the most under-rated songwriter in the country.  People like Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams ought to be hiding outside his house going through his trash looking for castoff material.  Chris has a laser eye.  ACETATE is my favorite." - Don Dixon

"Spend some time with Acetate (his third solo album), and you'll realize that it's one of Allen's most intricately woven records, a deep, personal, and yes, complex work that demands your attention. In a way, Acetate is his first album as a serious "artist" entering his studio-as-playground period."  - Michael Galluci, Scene Magazine


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